Carting & Hauling

Mamais Construction has expanded our capabilities to include Waste Management Services. Our fleet now includes a 25-yard compactor truck which enables us to provide carting of construction waste materials resulting from demolition, construction, alterations, excavation projects, or bulk debris.


We are offering this Waste Removal Service to Property Management, Retail, Healthcare and Institutional Clients as an alternative option to the roll-off containers typically used to discard debris on construction projects or building storage areas. Our services include:
• Apartment Buildings
• Dining Halls
• Lobbies


Utilizing this service reduces the need for roll-off containers which are unsightly and occupy valuable parking spaces. Not to mention the roll-off containers are typically overfilled by unauthorized users. This overage leads to additional hauling fees for owners and creates messy conditions caused by residual debris that must be maintained.
By using a compactor truck, debris can be stored within the building and brought out to the curb at a scheduled time and immediately removed from the site. We are also capable of providing same day service for emergency situations. Not only is this method of disposal more expedited and efficient, but it is also more cost-effective given owner ’s pay the exact amount of debris discarded from a specific location, and avoid any potential misuse by anyone unauthorized attempting to discard debris.
We also provide planning and scheduling throughout the construction process to produce the appropriate sequence of activities to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. For specific information on our completed projects in any category, please contact us and we will provide you with the project details.
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